What is FareSecure?

When you purchase an airline ticket at Kinecta Federal Credit Union, our exclusive FareSecureTM system monitors your reservation every day until your departure.

If the price drops*, FareSecureTM alerts us and we will reissue your ticket at the new price (less the airline imposed change fees).

You can book with confidence on Kinecta Federal Credit Union knowing that you'll be protected even after the sale!


You've purchased a domestic ticket on American Airlines for $500.00. American Airlines has an airfare sale two weeks later and your price has dropped to $350.

FareSecureTM alerts us so we can reissue your ticket based on the rules of the fare, deduct the airline imposed fee of $100 and refund you the $50 difference in the form of a travel voucher to be used on your next American Airlines flight.

FareSecure Details